Live your dream!

My goal in founding D.R.E.A.M. Mentorship is to provide young women with the preparation and strategies needed to fulfill their dreams because I believe that those dreams are valid. Dreams are potent, they have the power to change lives, communities and nations, and it all starts with you. Your dream is valid, and that is why serving you is important to me.


When I moved to the U.S, I got involved almost quickly with a couple of organizations on campus and within the community to serve. I loved to serve. Actually, the main reason I got to serve was because I wanted to learn the culture and know the people around me. I felt so far away from home that serving others was how I knew best to not feel alone.

Fast forward, God opened several doors for me to be a blessing and for others to bless me through serving. Now, I understand why serving meant and means a lot to me. While it gave me a chance to find my identity, it also made me a better person.
I say this to say, it pays to serve others. Even if you started out with selfish intentions, God always fine tunes those intentions to redefine you. I'm redefined and I'm thankful for that process and the chance to serve. By the grace of God, I won't stop serving.


My dream is Valid

This is my chance to serve you. One of my biggest blessings will be a chance to serve, invest and pour into you. Schedule a consultation!


Meet the Craytons

Family is important to me. My first place to serve is my family and I am thankful for every chance I get to be a wife and a mom. Every day I am closer to my dream, it is because I am surrounded and supported by a family that cheers me on. Marrell is constantly pushing me to be the best version of myself, he selflessly continues to sacrifice time and other resources so I can live my dream. He tells me he is my number one fan. Truth is, I am his number one fan. I am glad I get to do life with him and our daughter, Alivia-Joi. So, if you ever wonder how I am able to live my dream, boldly and fiercely, it is because I have God and this family that believes in my dream. We are not a perfect family, but we are intentional in choosing to live our dream.


Official Bio

Mac-Jane Crayton, the author of "My Father’s Girlfriend" and "Open Secret", two novels that deal extensively with phenomenal global issues such as domestic violence, rape, injustice and health discrimination and victimization is from the famous city of Lagos, Nigeria. Having obtained her bachelor and Master’s degree in International Relations from Imo State University, Nigeria and Troy University, USA, respectively, she is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Public Administration and Public Policy with a focus on Non-Profit Management at Auburn University, Alabama.

As a student at Troy University, she was the first student to ever be a keynote speaker at the commencement ceremony, she was the Executive Vice President of the International Student Cultural Organization (ISCO), the Graduate Administrative Assistant with Career Services at Troy University, former secretary at Auburn University’s Graduate School Council and a MaryKay beauty Consultant. Currently, she is a Graduate Assistant at Auburn University, the office of Outreach Global, a blogger and founder and CEO of D.R.E.A.M Mentorship, a curriculum based mentoring program dedicated to strengthening the lives of young women by equipping them with skills that will prepare them to be successful leaders. Mac-Jane and her husband Marrell, are blessed with a very joful baby girl, Alivia-Joi Adaora.