join the d.r.e.a.m party!

D.R.E.A.M club is an intentional online community intended to provide support and friendship to all women. It is an accountability environment where participants are not judged, criticized or made to feel uncomfortable about any phase of life they are in. It is a community for women who want more out of life, who are ready to make a positive difference in their lives and who dare to dream.

This class is for you if you are tired a lot from all the roles you play as wife, mom, sister, or friend. This class is for you if you are looking for a village of authentic, extraordinary, daring women who want more out of life. This class is for you is you want to be intentional about how you spend the next quarter of your life. This class is for you if you are looking for godly friendships and sisterhood. This class is about creating a village of women who care genuinely about you. It is about providing an atmosphere where real women with realities can seek God intentionally and without restraints. It is a the tower of hope where women are free to dream and dare to live their dreams!

how it works

An inspirational book is recommended per quarter supplemented by bible based teachings. Fellowship is done mostly online, supplemented with occasional in-person class meeting. In-person meetings will be scheduled ahead of time and participants will be notified. Sign up for our monthly Power hour via our YouTube channel.


Power’d Up holds every first Saturday of every month online.


Membership is free.

Donations are welcomed. All donations received will be used to cover the cost of books, reading materials and other resources used during each month. This provides access to the library of resources exclusive to members only.