Upcoming Events


Ladies’ Breakfast + Bible Study (Free Event)

Looking for a community of women to fellowship with? Are you a female business owner, are you a mom? You are exactly who we had in mind when we started planning this event. This event is for you if you are looking for a village of authentic, extraordinary, daring women who want more out of life.



Summer Mentoring Program

If you're a young woman who is ready for the next jump in your life, who's passionate to succeed, who wants more with your walk with God, then this class is for you. Application is open and FREE to young women only. Classes will be in Auburn.

Do you need help navigating through life? Do you have questions about your purpose and your dream? Do you need help overcoming fear, anxiety, depression, addiction? Do you feel stuck?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then this class is for you.

June 17 -August 2, 2019.

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Dream N’Brunch 2018

Originating in Auburn, Alabama in 2018, Facilitator Mac-Jane Crayton wants to provide women with the preparation and strategies needed to fulfill their dreams because she believe that those dreams are valid. With the Brunch'N Dream, we want to provide women a morning of motivation, mingling and brunch! At this event you get to hear the start up journey of Snippety Snap, Backpack International and SnoBiz, female ceos who are living their dreams.

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Dream Workshop, Summer 2018

This workshop was geared towards igniting a dream in young people, igniting the fire to be successful. Through this platform, I hoped to engage the mind of participants, guide and mentor them towards success and having a mindset not to give up.


July 6th - August 24th, 2018