Does it sound like a cliche to say pray for your husband? I know that the idea of prayer can feel sometimes like a chore, it can feel like 'urghh, I have to pray again?' But I tell you the truth, prayer is a tool that we have that the enemy knows he cannot take away from us no matter how much he tries. We have this powerful tool that can break down the resolves and schemes of the devil especially when it comes to our marriage. It is important to pray for our spouse daily. When we feel like it and when we don't. In fact, especially when we don't.

I remember one of those days when I really wanted to have my way in an argument with Marrell. I knew-- I felt I was right and he wouldn't budge on his decision. But I felt that my idea to help us was better but at the time Marrell did not see my point of view or the big picture. As cliche as this must sound, I went ahead and prayed about it and it took a while but Marrell finally saw my point of view and we were able to reach a compromise and resolve the situation. Also, another time I was upset at Marrell (I don't even remember what I was upset about) but I knew that I loved him so much and could not afford not to pray for him. That was one of the hardest things to do. I felt God nudge me to pray for my husband though I was mad at him. I contemplated not doing it and I presented my argument before God providing a case with reasons why I should not be praying for him. I still felt that quiet nudging to pray for him. So, the Holy Spirit and I went forth and back on this for a while until I finally broke down and prayed for Marrell. At first, it was not that 'I love my husband sincerely' kinda prayer, it was 'Ok Holy Spirit I will pray so you can get off my back' sorta prayer. But as I started to pray for Marrell, the Holy Spirit worked on my heart and I began to pray sincerely to God to forgive me and teach me how to pray for Marrell and love him and be his wife. God opened my vocabulary and I began to pray intentional prayers towards Marrell. I felt God's peace after my prayer and a rush of love for this man who is my husband.

My friend, that's what prayer can do. Prayer can make you love your spouse. Prayer can soften his heart. Prayer can change you and make you a better wife. So, my friend as I listen to the nudge of the Holy Spirit and be transparent on this post, I encourage you to pray INTENTIONALLY for your spouse. Be deliberate in the words that you use. Frame your husband. Ask God to fill you with the right vocabulary and He will.

If you do not know how to pray, here is something to start with:

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for this opportunity to pray for my husband. I pray that you would shower him with your love and show us your salvation. I pray for his mind, spirit, soul and body. I ask that you fill every aspect of him. I ask oh God that you would equip him to be the type of man, husband, and father you have called him to be. I pray that you would prosper him and the works of his hand. Teach him to love me as Christ loved the church and help me to be submissive and be a kingdom woman. All these I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.



MarrellMac-Jane Crayton